Israeli/Hamas Battle: The Wrong People Are Running The Show

The Israeli and Palestinian public do not want the war that is currently raging in Gaza. The battles only exist because those who have the power to stop the fighting are making decisions that provoke greater enmity and serve to further entrench themselves more deeply in their positions.

There are Palestinians and Israelies who are good friends. Some have married. Certainly these relationships have been strained, some have certainly ended as loved ones around them are killed and maimed. These are the fruits of rule by the abusive and sociopathic personalities who have succeeded in working their way into positions of power and control in their relative communities. This is the price we pay as peaceful people when we stand by as more aggressive personalities fight and manipulate their way into rulership.

As human beings, we need to expose the nature of those who profess to fight on our behalf when we never asked for fighting in the first place. As much as highly visible Arabs refer to decades of precedent to justify their hatred for Israel, and just as much as militant Israelis refer to decades of Arab atrocities to justify such actions as building more settlements in Palestinian territory, and destroying the infrastructure of Palestine as a means of protecting Israel, the (mostly) men making these decisions are not solving or reducing the tensions; they are entrenching failure which ensures them permanent employment.


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